Atheists are God’s Orphans, Her true children

This whole paranoid delusional belief of Blood Libel is a symptom of mass schizo-affective disorders caused from people who develop false memory syndrome, one of the many negative long term psychological disorders resulting from infant/childhood sexual traumas, such as rape, forced retractions and penetrations, male and female circumcision ritual sacrifices. Muslims, Christians, and Jews are all victims of this wicked witchcraft also known as Kabbalah, the true power behind these religions. Kabbalah is an ancient misandristic feminist cult who have learned many tricks, curses and spells to fool weak minded men, who believe in the heavenly godfather and his penis of creation science fiction theory, to punish themselves, attack and kill each other, cause sexual mutilation to their own sons. As a result of lack of respect, mistreatment, assault, rape, wife beatings, honor killings of unmarried pregnant women, child rapes, these(mostly)women of Kabbalah are victims of these false god worshipping cults and have been forced into a position to protect their daughters by lowering the naturally high ratio of men to women(4:1) by teaching their sons to put their faith in sacrificial punishments, including the covenant law of violent infant prepuce excision ritual sacrificings, gay bashing/homophobia, Sharia law, Jihad, condoned by the false moral of their own false god. Nature causes men to be conceived at the rate of 4 males to every female, for the evolutionary purpose of our mothers to have a large selection of DNA to choose from. The belief in a masculine creator started when Adam turned away from/rebelled against Our true creator, the feminine Mother Nature, and made up his own talking heavenly godfather’s penis of creation science fiction theory, throwing a monkey wrench into our logical thought processes. Now we know ~There are no such things as a masculine creature or singular creator~, with YY chromosomes, showing that the foundations of these faiths are build on cracked, crumbling cornerstones. Using perspicacity, it is easy to see that the belief and faith in this false mangod will eventually lead to the opposite of creation, Extinction,  Armageddon,  Nihilism,  self defecation.
The cure is to recognize that Our Feminine Creator/Mother, the Singularity died in the process of the Big Bang Birth of the Universe and that we are all her orphans evolving off the stuff she left behind, CMBR, and should depend on ourselves and each other, not the invisible sky daddy, to continue our evolution.


5 thoughts on “Atheists are God’s Orphans, Her true children

  1. In a Nutshell Theory

    My Mother created me in her womb. She chose my father for his evolutionary features.

    If I could go back in time and become un-gestated and everyone unevolved back into their Mothers womb, We’d eventually come to the point where there were no womb-men(women) or men, no sexual reproduction, only creatures that reproduced asexually, micro-organisms.

    Back in time further We’d come to the first Microbe, our true Creator, which is still a mystery, but may have survived from before the Big Bang in a state of dormancy, or evolved out of the CMBR.

    Further all the way back in time, you’d come to the end of the life of the all powerful Singularity, the life force that gave up her life with the Big Bang Birth of the Universe, setting the stage for the gestation period called the Cosmic Evolution of all the star packed living Galaxies with all the new born baby Galactic Singularities existing inside their Galactic Black Holes, as their life power source, and all the Living Planets, where eventually every living life forms have evolved on the face of our living host Planet, Mother Earth.

    In the distant future, At the end of Evolution, where only the biggest, fittest most powerful Singularities will survive, there will be only One Galaxy with one Black Hole and One Singularity, that has absorbed all the other Living Galaxies over Her life time, and then She will consume all the remainder of Her star energy into Her Black Hole to the beginning and with a Big Bang Birth back into a state of gestation, and the entire space/life/time continuum cycle of Creation by birth and evolution will repeat.

    At this point, We are all Orphans of the Singularity, and Atheists are God’s true children, who realize our original Creator died while giving birth to Herself in multitudes, but nobody really knows which One She is or will become, while all those who put their faith in one of the heavenly Godfather and His Penis of Creation Science Fiction Theories are under the curse of false god worshipping, and in the middle of causing their own extinction to prove which ones godfather is the most powerful and peaceful by killing each other for Him.

    It’s a little more complicated then this but it would take a Godzillion years to write it all out.


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